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About Knox Residence

Have a question? Email us at or call us at 416-978-4737.


Occupancy fees are based on accommodation type (Single, Super Single, Double) and do not include fees associated with the mandatory meal plan.

Summer 2023


Returning Knox Residents1


New Knox Residents


SUPER single

Returning Knox Residents1


New Knox Residents



Returning Knox Residents1


New Knox Residents


1 “Returning Knox Residents” refers to individuals who lived at Knox College Residence during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Fall 2023 – winter 2024


Returning Knox Residents1


New Knox Residents


SUPER single

Returning Knox Residents1


New Knox Residents



Returning Knox Residents1


New Knox Residents


1 “Returning Knox Residents” refers to individuals who lived at Knox College Residence during the 2022-2023 academic year.

food services

Meal Plans

Accepting a placement in the Knox College Residence is an automatic acceptance of a Residence Meal Plan, with meals taken at New College Dining Hall, (5-minute walk) and Tbucks that can be used at various food kiosks on campus run by the University of Toronto. Students can access the dining hall by going to the 40 Willcocks Street or 21 Classic Avenue (accessible) entrance. Information on the dining halls and their hours can be found here. There are no refunds on missed meals. 

New College offers a declining meal plan including $100.00 Tbucks. This means that your residence dollars are loaded onto your TCard at the beginning of the year, and, as with a debit account, residence dollars in your meal plan account are deducted when you make your food purchases. You’ll have the freedom to choose the items you’d like to eat from a variety of locations across campus allowing you to be able to fully utilize your plan by deciding how and when to you use your plan as it suits you.

Prior to activation of your meal plan all residents are required to review and acknowledge the Meal Plan Terms & Conditions Acknowledgement. Failure to acknowledge the Meal Plan Terms & Conditions prior to moving into residence will result in the meal plan not being activated and the funds not ready for use upon arrival.

New College Dining Hall – 40 Willcocks Street

Students can access the dining hall by going to the 40 Willcocks Street or 21 Classic Avenue (accessible) entrance.

Information on the dining halls and their hours can be found at:

Yes! Residents can purchase a meal plan at any time through the meal service website here. Once you have received your meal plan, it will be linked to your Tcard and can be used at participating food services.

If you do not use up all of your meal plan and have a remaining balance, it will be turned into Tbucks. The Tbucks will be linked to your Tcard and you can use it at participating locations

Tbucks are a common form of currency widely accepted across campus. They can be used to buy taxable pre-packaged food items like bags of chips and candy bars, used to purchase textbooks or for printing and photocopying on campus. TBucks can be purchased by anyone holding a T-Card for use on the St. George campus.

Residence Community Standards

The Knox Residence community strives to be a safe and positive space for all our community members including students, staff, and guests. The Knox Residence Community Standards outline the standards of behaviour considered congruent with the goals and the well-being of the residence community, and to define the procedures to be followed when students and/or their guests fail to meet those standards of behaviour.


Residence Services & Amenities


Washers and dryers can be found in the East House basement. Each load of laundry costs $1.25 to wash and $1.25 to dry and requires one loonie and one quarter. The wash cycle is approximately 30 minutes, and the drying
cycle is 60 minutes. Residents should record their name, room number, and the start time of their load(s) of laundry on the laundry room whiteboard.

The hours of the laundry room are as follows:
8am – 10pm Monday to Friday
10am – 10pm Saturday and Sunday


Housekeeping will empty garbage bins in residence rooms every week. Residence rooms receive a more thorough cleaning every second week and bed linen is provided. Housekeeping services require
staff to enter rooms once per week

The schedule for weekly garbage removal and room cleanings every two weeks is as follows:

  • Monday 1st floor
  • Tuesday 2nd floor
  • Wednesday 3rd floor
  • Thursday 4th floor
  • Friday Tower/Basement


Need help with a maintenance issue?

Follow these simple steps to submit a maintenance request.

  1. Log into your StarRez account.
  2. Select “Maintenance Requests” under the dropdown menu.
  3. Provide as many details as possible about your maintenance issue.
  4. To ensure a faster resolution, provide consent to allow our maintenance team to enter your space when you’re not present.
  5. Click “Submit”. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after you submit.
  6. Our maintenance team will visit within 1-2 business day depending on building demand and urgency.

For urgent maintenance issues, email or call the Don-On-Duty (416)-717-6377 if after-hours.

Guest Registration

Guests are welcomed to Knox Residence!

Guests are only allowed to stay a maximum of two nights per resident, per week. If your guest is planning to stay longer than two nights per week, please send an email request to well in advance of the guest’s arrival. You will need to state the reason for your guest’s long stay and cc’ your roommate in the email (if applicable). Acceptance is decided on a case-by-case basis and is based on the approval of the Residence Life Office.

Guests are subject to all residence rules and residents are responsible for their guests’ behaviour. Guests are not to be left alone in the residence.

Moving Out

Learn more about moving out to help your move out go as smoothly as possible here.

common spaces

  • Courtyard and Breezeway: Residents are welcome to use these areas for study or relaxation.
  • Gym: Located on the first floor in West House, the gym is available for the use by residents only (guests not permitted). Use of the gym is at the residents’ own risk and those using the gym are expected to abide by the rules of the space.
  • KnoxFRA Common Room (KCR): Located above the St. George Street foyer next to the Dining Hall, the KCR is available for students’ exclusive use for study and other activities when there is no other function scheduled.
  • TV and Games Room: Two TVs are available for use: one (in the TV room) equipped with a VCR/DVD player, the other (in the games room) has a DVD player as well as an XBOX.

Residents are expected to use the above shared facilities appropriately, in accordance with the rules and guidelines of Knox College Residence.

Mail, Packages & Deliveries

Student mailboxes are located in the St. George Street lobby. The Knox
College address is:

59 St. George Street

Toronto, ON

M5S 2E6

Canada Post delivers mail to Knox College from Monday through
Friday. Mail may take additional time to be sorted to student

Al packages and large letter mail will be processed at the service desk. In this event, students will receive a notice via email notifying of their package arrival. Residents are only able to retrieve their packages once they have received this notice. For packages to be released to a resident, a physical ID must be presented to the service desk staff (includes T-Cards, passports, Driver’s License, etc) during hours of operation.

Departing residents are responsible for changing their address
with Canada Post and arranging for their mail to be forwarded. All mail will be labeled Return to Sender if the resident has moved out.

Internet and WiFi

Currently, only U of T students with a valid UTORid and password will be able to use the UofT wireless networks.

If you do not have a UTORid, but your home institution is part of the eduroam agreement, you should have access to the eduroam network.

For help setting up your computer to access either of these networks, please visit the Information Commons on the first floor of Robarts Library.

students with computers

Safety and Security

Knox Residence is located on the University of Toronto St. George campus. The Service Desk is open from 9:00am – 5:00pm every weekday excluding holidays and University Closures. Residents can also use the services of U of T Campus Safety, who work in partnership with the University and community. 


The University of Toronto TravelSafer program Is a free service offered by the University of Toronto Campus Safety. A Building Patroller or Special Constable will escort you to and from any location on campus and abutting TTC stations for added peace of mind.

TravelSafer is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call any time to arrange for patrollers to come to your location during service hours. It is also possible to arrange for regular walks with the same pick-up location and time each week. 

CALL: 416-978-SAFE (7233)


The Don-On-Duty is available to assist with noise disturbances, student concerns, and any emergency situations that may arise after hours (5PM-10PM on weekdays; 10AM – 10PM on weekends). Don’t hesitate to call the Don-on-Duty as they are there for you and want to make sure you’re safe and comfortable in residence.

The Don-on-Duty also conducts rounds of the residence to ensure residence guidelines and policies are followed. Please notify the Don-On-Duty if you have called 911 for any reason.

CALL: 416-717-6377

Contact us


Contact the Residence Office through email at We appreciate your patience as we get to your inquiries.


Contact the Residence Office during its hours of operation at 416-978-5737.


The Residence Office is open from 9:00am – 8:00pm every weekday.

The office is closed every weekday from 1:00pm – 2:00pm for lunch, and 12:00pm – 5:00pm every weekend (excluding holidays and University closures).

We ask that parents and students refrain from visiting the residence until move-in day, as we are not offering tours.