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How to connect to the Chelsea network.

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If you are experiencing any network issues, please contact the AllBridge Help Desk line at 1-866-368-6310 or 1-877-282-2519 as well via email at Both phone and email are monitored by the network support team 24/7.

Improving your WIFI

Consider adjusting your frequency band from 5.0 GHz to 2.4 GHz. This adjustment allows you a wider range of access which should help resolve some of your connectivity issues. As the range is extended you should be able to connect to stronger WIFI.

Please review the resources below based on your computer type to make this adjustment.

No resources are available.


How to connect to the Chelsea network

WIRELESS For North and South tower residents

1. Click on the wireless network icon on your laptop, tablet or Smartphone to see the list of available networks.

2. Click on the CHELSEA_GUEST wireless network, and then click the CONNECT button to connect.

Note: For those who are using the wireless network, you should please authenticate to the network using SSID: Chelsea_Guest and no other SSIDs.

ETHERNET Only for the North Tower – Rooms from 4th to 9th floor

1. On the same faceplate that your phone line is connected (in the wall). You would need to connect your Ethernet hardwired to the jack beside the phone line.

2. Once connected, open your web browser, type-in and press enter.

ETHERNET Only for the North Tower – Rooms from 10th to 24th floor. Cisco LRE option.

1. As an option, you would be able to use a reliable Ethernet connection, with a Cisco LRE device that is sitting on your desk able to connect to it using an Ethernet cable as well.

2. Once connected, it might take a minute, open your web browser, type-in and press enter.

Kindly note that you may have to go through these steps once every 5 days. If you have trouble connecting to the network, call the ALLBRIDGE GUEST SUPPORT LINE at 1-877-282-2519.


There is a dedicated laundry room available within the building for students to access. The laundry machines in this space are app-based, meaning students pay virtually for their load. Irons and ironing boards will be available for your use in your room.

There are 8 washers and 8 dryers on the second floor of the hotel located in the Seymour Room. The cost is $3.00 for wash and $3.00 for dry. To set up your app follow the next steps: 1) Download the Coinamatic CP app, 2) Enable Bluetooth, 3) Register/Sign in, 4) Add funds, 5) Load clothes and select desired settings on the machine, 6) On your app, enter the # on the reader or scan the QR code next to the reader and pay for the cycle, 7) Press start on the machine.

Additionally, the Chelsea Hotel off property laundry service has offered to do student laundry at a cost of $30 plus HST per laundry bag that is in the Hotel guest rooms.  If it is dropped off by 9 am at the concierge desk it will be returned by 6 pm the following day.


Students will be responsible for cleaning their own rooms and purchasing their own cleaning products. Garbage and recycling can be left neatly outside your door in a tied-closed plastic garbage bag and it will be disposed of for you. Students can contact the Front Desk of the hotel to request to have their rooms vacuumed, as needed. New linen and towels will be provided a maximum of once a week upon request to the Front Desk of the hotel. 

Common Spaces

There are several common rooms available for students’ exclusive use for study and other activities. The first room is the Monarchs located on the first floor of the hotel near the Gerrard st. entrance. This space is open 24/7 and permits group study and socializing. Additionally, the communal microwave is stored in this space.

The second space is the Mountbatten Salon located on the second floor of the hotel. This space is open 24/7 and is a designated quiet zone for studying, exams, and other independent work. The Chelsea Hotel also has a large outdoor patio that is available to all hotel guests seasonally.

In response to current Ontario public health regulations, these common spaces will be closed until 27 January.


For any maintenance issues with the room, dial “0” on the hotel phone to be connected to the operator.

Mail & Deliveries

All packages and mail will be received and distributed from the Residence Life Office. Students will be contacted via email when their package or letter mail has arrived. Students can pick up their packages during our office hours between 9 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday. Please note we are closed from 12 pm-1 pm daily. Remember to bring a piece of ID with you (TCard, Drivers License, Passport) to collect your items.

Any parcels or mail delivered over the winter break will be held by the hotel and will be made available to you once you return from the break.

Please Note: To continue to ensure safety for all building occupants, Food delivery drivers are not permitted beyond the lobby, therefore students must come down to pick up their deliveries.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please review the website then contact us at or by calling the Chelsea Hotel at 416-595-1975 and requesting to be connected to the Gerrard Room where the Residence Life Office is located.

We appreciate your patience as we get to your inquiries. Please limit any in-person visits to the Residence Life Office where possible. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm and is closed mid-day from 12 pm-1 pm. We are located within the Chelsea Hotel, directly across from the Gerrard St. entrance of the hotel.