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Stay at Chestnut this summer! Summer residence applications now open.

current residents

Moving Out

moving out

Check Out Time

Residents must check out either 48 hours after your last exam or by 12pm (noon) on May 1 (whichever comes first).

Chestnut Dining hall

Dining Hall Closure

The Chestnut Dining Hall will close as of 8pm on April 30th, 2024

Front Desk Check Out

Express Check Out

Important Reminders

Need an extension?

Up until May 1st at 12pm (noon)

If you need to extend your stay for a valid reason (flight, exam, final paper, etc.), to a date that is no later than May 1st at 12pm (noon), please email and provide us with any supporting documentation that you have (e.g. flight confirmation, course timetable, etc.).

Students who have already made arrangements to stay over the summer DO NOT need to extend their date with the Residence Life Office as this will be updated in the system if/when your summer reservation is confirmed. Please note you will most likely need to move rooms and if so, we will contact you by email in the month of April to provide moving instructions.

If you have questions or concerns about your check-out date, please contact the Residence Life Office:

Move Out Checklist

check out date

48 hours after your last exam or

by 12pm (noon) on May 1

(whichever comes first)


Change your mailing address. Canada Post offers a temporary mail-forwarding service.


Start packing at least a week or two in advance so you don’t have to do it all on the last day.


Make your travel and storage arrangements ahead of time.


Return all your keys upon checkout to avoid any additional charges.

Students will be permitted to have a maximum of 2 family members/helpers for the duration of their move-out only.

For students moving out on or before April 30, you will be required to register your helpers as visitors on StarPortal as per regular visitor policies.

For students moving out on May 1, you will not be required to register helpers as visitors.

Start packing early, do a little bit every day to avoid stress.

Keep in mind you will NOT be able to re-enter your room after check out.

Make sure you have transportation planned for when you leave Chestnut, as you will need to take all your belongings with you.

Transportation options include the Union-Pearson (UP) Express to the airport, TTC, taxis, or Uber

Ensure your room is tidy and all garbage is removed.

Garbage bags are available for students to pick up at the Front Desk.

Once your garbage bags are full, leave the bags at the designated garbage area on your floor.

When possible, throw out your garbage early so that the garbage room doesn’t get crowded.

Don’t leave behind any food, garbage, or other items.

You may be subject to a $50 – $100 cleaning fee for any items left behind in your room.

Chestnut residence does NOT provide summer storage.

If you require storage, you may want to consider using:


Shuffle Space 

Plan ahead and sort all of your belongings into items you want to bring with you/store/giveaway.

Chestnut will not be responsible for any items left in the room.

Make sure to exchange contact information with anyone you would like to keep in touch with over the summer and next year.

Say goodbye to your friends on the floor and in the building, and don’t forget to connect with your don!