Don’t Be afraid to Reach out for Help: Get the Academic support you need!

Don’t Be afraid to Reach out for Help: Get the Academic support you need!

By: Amelia Eaton

While my first year of University was amazing, there was a lot to adjust to as well. From living in Rez to new courses I had never taken before, I sometimes felt a little overwhelmed. Luckily there are many supports at U of T that helped me to have a fun and successful first year. As a social science student, the most helpful resource I found was my college’s writing centre. Each college has a writing centre where students can book appointment’s and have a graduate student or professor read their work before handing it in.

When I got my first assignment back, I was shocked that an assignment that I had worked so hard on had not met the expectations of my professor. I used that initial shock as a time to look at how I could improve my writing, and I booked an appointment with Woodsworth College’s Writing Centre . At my first appointment, I realised that my writing wasn’t the only problem, it was understanding the instructions of the assignment. A professor at the writing centre taught me how to read an assignment in order to understand everything it was asking, and then how to go above those expectations and get an A grade.

Similar supports exist for every discipline including math aid centres by college and math aid for engineers, philosophy essay clinics, the Health Sciences writing centre and many more. Your Professor will most likely include information on the supports that are relevant to the class on the syllabus, and don’t be afraid to ask your TA for information on supports that you can access.

As cliché as it sounds, you really don’t know what you don’t know before you go to University. But that’s the point! University is an incredible time in your life to learn, grow and challenge yourself. Going to the writing centre or accessing other academic supports will not only help you understand the expectations from professors and TAs in University, it will help you to become better in your field, which will help you long after graduation.

The truth is, you are already doing something right, that’s why you’re headed to University! Academic supports will only help you to improve your time here, and hone the skills you already have. So don’t be afraid to reach out for academic help, its here for you!