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  • Chestnut Orientation Leaders
  • Residence Dons
  • Residence Life Office
  • International Transition Advisor
  • Career Educator
  • Engineering Student Success Coordinator
  • Residence Council
  • Residence Advisory Committee

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Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a database of activities that allows you to search for opportunities beyond the classroom and keep track of your accomplishments. You can use the CCR to craft a resume that will get an employer’s attention. The CCR provides an official University of Toronto document that validates your many activities and experiences. Involvement opportunities at Chestnut Residence are CCR validated! Get involved and get recognized for it!

Chestnut Groups and Clubs

Chestnut Residence is home to many student-led groups and clubs that organize activities and are fun for students to be a part of. You will be able to find out which groups and clubs are available on the evening of move-in day or you can inquire with the Residence Life Office about starting your own!

There are a number of other opportunities such as committees, working groups, and focus groups where you have an opportunity to talk about your experiences at Chestnut and provide valuable feedback to make improvements and life for students at Chestnut even better. Keep a lookout for these throughout the year!

Work-Study Opportunities

The University of Toronto work-study program provides students with an opportunity to gain meaningful work experience by working part-time on campus and is open to all full-time undergraduate students, both domestic and international. Chestnut Residence will have multiple opportunities available in late August/early September. Make sure to check your email and postings on social media to find out about these opportunities.

Urban Crew

The Urban Crew is involved in the day-to-day operation of Urban Lounge, Chestnut Residence’s large, multi-use student space. Urban Crew members are responsible for a two-hour shift once a week where they will help maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in urban Lounge. They also help students use the AV equipment to watch movies, TV, or play video games as well as sign-out equipment for playing pool, table tennis, foosball and board games.

If you are interested in being part of the Urban Crew, keep an eye out for postings on social media channels and  your email, when the application becomes available.

  • Front Desk
  • Security
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • ResNet Internet Information
  • Telephone

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  • Term & Occupation of Room
  • Resident Responsibilities
  • Termination
  • Room Access, Security, & Emergency Situations

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Security at Chestnut
      • Community safety is the shared commitment and responsibility of all staff and students at Chestnut Residence. The following systems are in place to keep our residence as safe as possible:Security Personnel
        • Two security guards are on duty 24/7
        • You can contact security anytime in the building from your room phone, extension 3560
        • You can always find at least 1 security guard at the kiosk in the lobby of Chestnut
        • Security guards patrol common areas, floors, and the exterior of the building
        • Residents are asked to show their room key each time they pass security in the lobby

        Don on Duty

        • You can connect with the Don-on-Duty (DOD) at 416-791-0420
        • There are 2 Dons on duty each night from 8am – 8pm
        • DOD’s do rounds of the building to ensure quiet hours are respected
        • DOD’s wear red vests to be easily visible to residents
        • DOD’s carry a cell phone and respond to student emergencies and concerns


        WalkSmart Service

        • Available 7 Days a week/365 from dusk until dawn.
        • Call 416-978-SAFE (7233) any time to arrange for patrollers to come to your location during service hours. It is also possible to arrange for regular walks with the same pick up location and time each week. For prompt service calling in advance is recommended. WalkSmart will escort students to any building on the St. George Campus, including Chestnut Residence, as well as surrounding TTC locations


    • Complaints
    • Harmful Behaviour
    • Violations
    • Sanctions
    • Procedures

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Do you have any tips for getting to know my new roommate?
      • The best starting point for a successful roommate match is to establish good and regular communication.  We have put together some questions to help facilitate these initial conversations with potential roommates during this quick turnaround time:
      • What kind of music do you like?
      • What are your hobbies?
      • What sports do you play?
      • What is your favourite book? Movie? TV Show?
      • What courses are you thinking about taking?
      • What kind of food do you like to eat?
      • What do you want out of the residence experience?
What if I don't get along with my roommate?
  • There are approx 800 students living in double rooms with a roommate
  • There is a procedure for dealing with roommate conflicts
  • First: roommates fill out a roommate communication plan facilitated by the don at the beginning of the year
  • Second: If a conflict arises, the roommates speak with each other
  • Third: If the conflict continues, the roommates meet with the floor don
  • Fourth: If the conflict persists the roommates meet with the Residence Life Coordinator
  • Please note: Roommate switches are rare and are a last resort and often not feasible as the residence is fully booked
    • All residents are required to purchase a meal plan, which includes unlimited access to the Dining Hall
    • Students can purchase TBucks to swipe their T-card and purchase food at other locations on campus
    • The Dining Handbook – contains information about the Dining Hall hours,  services, purchasing guest passes, dietary accomodations
    • Weekly menus can be viewed online (7 week rotation)
    • Meals-to-go may be purchase online (by 7am the day before)

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  • Urban (located on the first floor) – Watch tv, socialize, play foosball or pool. This space is used for social activities and events for students
  • The Hearth (located on the first floor) – A social studying space with couches and individual studying stations
  • The Lookout (located on the 27th floor) – Watch tv, study, grab a snack or take in the amazing views
  • Study Commons (located on the 28th floor) – Offering quiet 24 hour study space to students. This space is proctored by upper year students for six weeks prior to both the fall and winter exam periods
  • Community Centre  (located on the concourse level) – spaces for the Chestnut Residence Council, programming resource room, and 2 bookable group project rooms
  • Laundry Room (located on the concourse level) – Open 24/7 with pay-per-use washers and dryers. Machines are operated with a loadable laundry card
  • Gym (located on the concourse level) – Basic workout facility with cardio machines, free weights and universal machines
  • Dance Studio (located on the concourse level) – Moderately sized studio with hardwood floors, mirrors, and balance bars
  • Music Rooms (located on the concourse level) – 5 music rooms for student use, with 2 pianos and 1 drum set available

Main Floor

  1. Front Desk: Open – 7:00am – 11pm (weekdays), 7:00am – 12:00am (weekends).
  2. Dining Hall – all residents have Unlimited access to the Dining Hall by swiping your TCard at the main desk.
  3. The Hearth – Social studying space with couches and individual study stations located on the main floor.
  4. Residence Life Office – University staff can answer your questions about residence community life, admissions, events, involvement opportunities or any community living issues or concerns you may experience as a Chestnut student.
  5. Urban- Social space operated by the Urban Crew, open 24/7.
  6. Security- staff available 24/7.
  7. IT Help Desk- Ask any IT questions, or pick up your modem and internet cables.

Concourse Level

9. Dance Studio – Contact the Residence Life Office to book this space.

10. Fitness Room – Open 6:00am -12:00am daily.

11. Music Rooms – Open 7:00am – 12:00am daily.

12. Laundry Room – Coinmatic re-loadable cards, washers and dryers available. Open 24/7.

13. Mail Room – 1 mailbox per residence room, open 24/7.

14. Bike Rooms – See the Front Desk to have your key programmed for access. Open 24/7.

15. Community Centre – The Chestnut Residence Council office is located here, along with the Programming Resource Room, and bookable group work spaces.

    • Admissions
    • Chestnut Dining Hall
    • Fees
    • Guest Policy
    • Roommates
    • Services
    • Student Rooms
    • Student Spaces
    • Ways to get involved

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