Welcome to Chestnut Residence

Chestnut Residence  at the University of Toronto is home to nearly 1150 students from all University of Toronto faculties and colleges. We offer spacious rooms, high quality meals, and a vibrant residence life program. In the heart of downtown Toronto, Chestnut Residence is a great place to call home!

New StudentsCurrent Students

Throughout the academic year students living at Chestnut Residence are part of a vibrant and diverse community of students. Our building population is made up of approximately 75% first year students, making it an excellent place to make new friends during your first year of your undergraduate career. We also house the highest number of international students, as well as the highest number of Engineering students.

Each floor has a Residence Don who is a full-time upper year student employed by the Residence Life Office to provide support, programming, and community building. Our building also features a number of Themed Floor Communities which help bring together students with similar academic and extracurricular interests.



Here are some helpful links for students currently living at Chestnut Residence: