Front DeskSecurityHousekeepingMaintenanceTelephone ServiceResNet Internet InformationExternal Vendors/ServicesCurrent Building-Wide Operation Updates
  • Open daily 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (summer); 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM (FALL/WINTER)
  • Issue guest passes
  • Manage lost and found, service request forms, and music room keys
  • Receive registered mail and packages
  • Contact: 416-977-0707, Ext. 0

Community safety is the shared commitment and responsibility of all staff and students at Chestnut Residence. The following systems are in place to keep our residence as safe as possible:

Security Personnel

  • On duty 24/7
  • Patrol common areas and building exterior
  • Check for key cards and guest passes
  • Attend to emergencies
  • Contact: 416-585-3155

Keys / Guests

  • Key cards and guest passes must be shown each time you pass the security desk
  • Key card required to open your room door and to operate elevators
  • Guests must show photo ID and be signed in
  • You are responsible for your guests at all times

Don-on-Duty – (416) 791-0420

  • On duty every night from 8 pm – 8 am
  • On duty 24 hours on the weekend
  • Completes rounds of student floors and ensures quiet hours are respected
  • Carries a cell phone and responds to student emergencies

WalkSmart Service

  • Available 7 Days a week/365 from dusk until dawn.
  • Call 416-978-SAFE (7233) any time to arrange for patrollers to come to your location during service hours. It is also possible to arrange for regular walks with the same pick up location and time each week. For prompt service calling in advance is recommended. WalkSmart will escort students to any building on the St. George Campus, including Chestnut Residence, as well as surrounding TTC locations.


  • call the Don-on-Duty (416) 791-0420
  • call Front Desk – dial 0 from any residence room
  • call Security – 416-585-3155
  • 911 should be called only in the following cases:
    • a life threatening emergency – e.g. someone is choking
    • there is a fire in the building
    • a significant crime is in PROGRESS – e.g. assault
    • an immediate threat to life

Fall/Winter 2021-22 Cleaning Schedule

Housekeeping Services will take place weekly, Monday to Friday, between 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

The weekly schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: 27th floor down to 22nd floor (22nd floor rooms 2244-2253)
  • Tuesday: 22nd floor down to 17th floor (17th floor rooms 1744-1753)
  • Wednesday: 17th floor down to 14th floor (17th floor room 1711-1743)
  • Thursday: 12th floor down to 8th floor (8th floor rooms 845-853)
  • Friday: 8th floor down to 4th floor (8th floor rooms 811-844)

Occasional changes may take place due to unforeseen staff scheduling – thank you for your patience!

Service Updates

With COVID-19 guidelines continuing to shift regularly, we recognize this may be challenging, but rest assured we are here to work with you!  Contact us at for any of the following:

  • Want to be notified of changes to your weekly cleaning schedule
  • Need to skip cleaning for the week? Just send us an email 24 hours (1 business day) in advance
  • Need a little time? You can ask the room attendant to come back within 20 minutes, if you are still not ready to have your room cleaned then it will automatically be rescheduled for cleaning the following week.

Still have questions or concerns? Contact us and we will try to work with you! This may take 1-2 business day, for any urgent items please contact the Front Desk.

What will housekeeping do in my room?

  • Your room will be cleaned and toilet paper and garbage bags replenished weekly.
  • Scheduling changes can occur occasionally due to public holidays or unexpected staff absences.
  • If housekeeping services are turned away they will not be able to return later in the day. Your room will not be cleaned until the following week.
  • The housekeeping staff will vacuum, mop or wipe visible surfaces in your room. If items are left on the floor, cleaning will be done around them.
  • Your bathroom sink, toilet bowl, bathtub and floor will be cleaned and sanitized.

What am I responsible for?

  • Making your own bed, picking up after yourself and generally keeping your room in clean condition, including cleaning any areas where you have placed your personal belongings.
  • Garbage removal is your responsibility! Housekeeping will not take your garbage out for you. You must place any garbage or recyclable items in the receptacles on your floor.
  • If you spill something, it is your responsibility to clean it up.
  • If you need extra garbage bags or to use the vacuum during the week, please see the Front Desk for assistance.

We have a dedicated team of in house maintenance staff that are here to help support the needs of students in their physical spaces. Maintenance requests can be submitted at any time on the Chestnut Residence Maintenance Portal, and will be addressed in order of priority.

For an immediate maintenance emergency students can contact the front desk in order to request service.

There is a phone on each floor that is located near the elevator. You may use the following extensions to connect with our staff in the building:

  • Security: 53155
  • Front Desk: 30001
  • Residence Office: 53160
  • ResNet: 53182

Alternatively, if you wish to call any staff within the building from your own personal cellphone, you will need to dial the full number:

  • Security: 416-977-0707, Ext. 2 or 53155
  • Front Desk: 416-977-0707, Ext. 0 or 30001
  • Residence Office: 416-977-0707, Ext. 3 or 53160
  • ResNet: 416-977-0707 Ext. 53182

Wi-Fi is now available throughout the Chestnut building on the University of Toronto network.

Your Internet Access
  • Illegal download and/or distribution of copyrighted materials will result in denial of internet
  • Complete Network Usage Agreement
Contact ResNet

To better assist, when contacting ResNet via email at or telephone at 416.585.3182, residents are encouraged to leave their name, room number, call back number and nature of the issue. ResNet will respond back at their first availability.

2022 Schedule:















ShuffleSpace – An all-inclusive packing and storage service

Store Your Dorm – A short-term storage service

Residence Linens – A selection of bed linens as well as bath and kitchen essentials

*Please note that these are external vendors and are not part of Chestnut Residence & Conference Centre or the University of Toronto. 

December 17, 2021

Please see below the timeline for fire alarm testing in rooms and common spaces at Chestnut Residence over Winter Break. Please note that this schedule is an estimation and is subject to change. If there are any changes, Security will notify you via posters pasted by the elevators while our office is closed for the Holidays. 

IMPORTANT: Please note workers will need to enter your room in order to conduct this test. They will knock before entering your room. If you are home, please answer the door wearing a mask, and allow access to your room. If you do not answer the door, they will knock on the door twice, announce themselves loudly and then enter the room to conduct the test. Please be assured workers will be wearing masks and will not touch your personal belongings, they will only check the fire alarm device. The test should take about 5 minutes.

Please note that this test is necessary to ensure all our detectors are operating in accordance with their design for your safety.

Day 1 (Dec 23): 12pm – 4pm (4hrs)  

27th/26th floors (12pm-1:30pm) + Hallways/ Stairwells

25th/24th floors (1:30pm-4pm) + Hallways/ Stairwells

Day 2 (Dec 24): 10am – 4pm (6hrs)

23rd/22rd floors (10am-12pm)

21st/20th floors (12pm-2pm)

19th floor + Hallways/Stairwells (2pm-4pm)

Day 3 (Dec 29): 10am – 4pm (6hrs) 

18th/17th floors (10am-12pm)

16th/15th floors (12pm-2pm)

14th floor + Hallways/Stairwells (2pm-4pm)

Day 4 (Dec 30): 10am – 4pm (6hrs)

13th/12th floors (10am-12pm)

11th/10th floors (12pm-2pm)

9th floor + Hallways/Stairwells (2pm-4pm)

Day 5 (Dec 31): 10am – 4pm (6hrs)

8th/7th floors (10am-12pm)

6th/5th floors (12pm-2pm)

4th floor + Hallways/Stairwells (2pm-4pm)

NOTE: Fire alarms on floors 1-3 will be tested at any point on Dec 23 between the hours of 12pm-4pm; and on Dec 24 and Dec 29-31 between the hours of 10am-4pm.

December 14, 2021

Please be aware that there will be an annual fire alarm testing  during Monday, Dec. 27, 2021 – Friday, Jan. 14, 20227:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

During the testing, audible signals (alarm bells) and visual signals (flashing emergency strobes) will be activated for brief periods (less than 5 minutes) intermittently.

Audible alarms and in-suite testing will happen between December 27 and 31, 2021. All remaining devices will be tested as silent testing only (no audibles) between January 3 and 14, 2022.


Please listen for the announcements for commencement and completion of the test periods.

December 9, 2021

Maintenance work taking place over Winter Break:

We will do our best to keep the following disruptions to a minimum (work will generally be between the hours of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday). Please take note of the following maintenance work:

  • Fire Alarm: Fire alarm testing in student rooms will take place starting at 12:00 PM on December 23 through to January 3. Maintenance staff will knock prior to entering your room. If you do not answer the door, they will knock twice and announce themselves before entering. Testing will not occur prior to 9:00 AM.
  • Carpet Removal: The hallway carpet on floors 16, 23 and 26 will be removed during the Winter Break. Students will still be able to access the hallways. Installation of the replacement carpet is expected to occur in January.

Thank you for your understanding while we complete this necessary work during a tight time frame.

December 6, 2021

PTAC installation on floors 12-20:

Permanent PTAC (heating/cooling) units have arrived for floors 12-20! We know these units have been long awaited and we are working to get them installed in your room as soon as possible.Please see below for the current schedule. Please note you will receive two visits to your room, one for removal of current unit (roughly 30 minutes) on Day One and one for installation of new unit (roughly 60 minutes) on Day Two.

The schedule is:

  • Floor 20
    • Removal: Tuesday December 7th
    • Installation: Wednesday December 8th
  • Floor 19
    • Removal: Wednesday December 8th
    • Installation: Thursday December 9th
  • Floor 18
    • Removal: Thursday December 9th
    • Installation: Friday December 10th
  • Floor 17
    • Removal: Monday December 13th
    • Installation: Monday December 13th
  • Floor 16
    • Removal: Monday December 13th
    • Installation: Tuesday December 14th
  • Floor 15
    • Removal: Tuesday December 14th
    • Installation: Wednesday December 15th
  • Floor 14
    • Removal: Wednesday December 15th
    • Installation: Thursday December 16th
  • Floor 12
    • Removal: Thursday December 16th
    • Installation: Friday December 17th

We know student may have exams during this period. If your removal or installation is scheduled during an exam, please email us at immediately to let us know. We will do our best to ensure that the installation happens in the morning (if your exam is in the afternoon) or in the afternoon (if your exam is in the morning). If you have exams in both morning/afternoon of your removal/installation day, we can also book a Study Room for you.

December 3, 2021

27th floor re-opening:

  • We’re excited to announce that the 27th floor common area will be  re-opening Friday, December 10.
  • Please adhere to the max capacity limits in this space (25 people) and remember to wear a mask or face covering.

November 19, 2021

Heating update:

  • A supply chain disruption affecting our manufacturer prevented us from completing our project to upgrade heating on floors 12-20 by the end of August.
  • We have installed temporary supplemental heating units in 90% or the affected rooms, and are working closely with our engineering consultants to find additional units for the remaining 10%. These are heavy duty heaters that plug into the special circuit that would normally be used by the permanent heaters. They are approved for residential use in Canada.
  • In the meantime all residents may sign out lighter duty heaters from the Front Desk, or request a room change.
  • The estimated delivery date for the permanent heaters is unknown at this time. They have arrived in the port of Vancouver, but delivery to Toronto has been affected by this week’s extreme weather event that disrupted all land routes to Vancouver. We will keep you posted as we learn more.


  • In response to issues with leaking machines early in the term we’ve been working closely with Coinamatic (our laundry service provider), commercial plumbers, our in-house engineering team, and UofT Environmental Health and Safety staff to identify and address the source of the leaks and keep the laundry room safe for all users.
  • We’ve replaced multiple machines, and confirmed our drains are clear, but we are still experiencing some leaks.
  • EHS has recommended that we take any machines suspected of leaking out of service for a month until the source is found. Although this will result in fewer machines being available for use than usual, it is the fastest and safest way to identify the cause of the leaking.
  • In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience and support.
  • Please continue to exercise caution while working in the laundry room and report any leaks you may see immediately to our Security Desk.


  • You may notice some of our elevators going out of service periodically for preventative maintenance, inspection and repair. Rest assured that we are working closely with our elevator service providers (Kone) to minimize impact on residents, while ensuring our elevators functions correctly and safely. (And we’re pleased to note that since changing over to Kone in the summer our elevator availability has improved significantly.)
  • If you notice any problems with the elevators, or the call buttons and doors for elevators on each floor, please let the Security Desk know immediately and it will be addressed.

Fire Safety System

  • We will be conducting a test of the building-wide fire alarm system during the winter break (Dec 23, 2021-January 3, 2022). This will involve sounding the alarms in all common areas, and testing devices in all common areas, offices, and residence rooms. Fire system technicians will need to enter residence rooms briefly to conduct the test.
  • For those staying during the break, please note that technicians will not arrive before 9:00 AM and will knock before entering.
  • More information on work that will take place over the Winter Break will soon be shared with those students staying at Chestnut during that period.

Students Spaces

UrbanThe LookoutStudy CommonsLaundry RoomGymFitness StudioMusic RoomsBike RoomsWellness Room

Please Socialize Responsibly:

  • Only visit Urban Lounge during your allotted floor time.
  • Maximum Capacity: 10 people.
  • Sign-In using the paper/pen sign-in system at the front of Urban
  • Always wear a mask.
  • Stay 6 feet apart at all times.

Watch tv, socialize, play foosball or pool. This space is used for social activities and events for students, and is located on the main floor of the building.

Take a break, study, grab a snack or take in the amazing views from the 27th floor.

Our Study Commons offers quiet 24 hour study space to students. There is a common quiet study space with beautiful views as well as private bookable study rooms perfect for group or individual assignments.

  • Open 24/7 with pay-per-use washers and dryers.
  • Machines are operated with a loadable laundry card.
  • 1 load in the washer is $2.25, 1 load in the dryer is $1.75

Basic workout facility with cardio machines, free weights and universal machines.

Moderately sized studio with hardwood floors, mirrors, and balance bars.

5 music rooms for student use, with 2 pianos and 1 drum set available.

For safety reasons, bicycles are not permitted in student rooms. You can store your bike in 1 of 2 rooms located on the concourse level.
Register your bike at the Front Desk and they will program your key card to allow access to bike rooms.
Remember to keep your bike locked up, even in the bike room.

Intended as a space for residents to relax, meditate or do yoga, the wellness room is located on the 28th floor next to the study rooms.

The room includes:

  • Sun Lamp
  • Massage Chair
  • Plants
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Bean Bag Chair
  • Yoga Mat