How to Live with a Roommate 101

How to Live with a Roommate 101

By: Abigail Ryding

Going to university is quite the transition. With leaving home and living without parents or
guardians, it can be tough to adjust to your new surroundings. Living with a new person in tight
quarters can be tricky to navigate even if you’re the best of friends! Here are a few quick tips on
how to live with your roommate at Chestnut!

Follow the plan

At the beginning of the year, you and your roommate will fill out a Roommate
Communication Plan with your floor’s Residence Don. This plan outlines what you and your
roommate decide on around your living habits and how you each communicate with one
another. It is imperative that you abide by this plan ! This plan sets boundaries for noise and
light levels, studying and sleeping habits, cleanliness, and sharing of spaces and personal
things. Setting and respecting these boundaries will keep both you and your roommate happy.
First year can be challenging enough – you don’t need to add more to your plate with
unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings.

Understand your differences and remember your similarities

It is important to remember that you and your roommate both come from different living
environments. One of the best elements of the University of Toronto is that it encompasses a
variety of students from a multitude of backgrounds. Chestnut itself is home to a diverse group
of students – from Engineering to Social Sciences to Music, your interests might completely
vary. However significant your differences may be, it is crucial to remember that you and your
roommate are both coming into your first year of university. Although you may have different
backgrounds, habits, and personalities, you are experiencing this same transition together. This
allows you to form a special bond with one another – take advantage of it!

Keep an open mind

There will inevitably be some ups and downs throughout your time at Chestnut. With the
stress of finals and jam packed schedules, it is possible that tensions may arise between you
and your roommate. Showing a sense of understanding to your roommate during hard times will
only tighten the bond that the two of you share together! Remember that they are only human –
they have struggles and flaws just like the rest of us do.
With these three simple tips in mind, transitioning into living with your roommate this
school year will be smoother than you’d imagine!