Introduction and Information about the Chestnut Dining Committee

December 18, 2020

Good Afternoon:

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to those of you that I have not had the opportunity to meet. My name is Rob Grieve. I am a Director in University Food Services, and my office is located at Chestnut Residence. I have been charged with the responsibility of forming the Chestnut Residence Dining Committee, developing a strategy for communicating the committee’s discussions and action plans, and putting together draft terms of reference.

In recent weeks I have had the opportunity to represent the Food Services leadership team at a number of events related to residential dining at both Chestnut and New College. These meetings cause me to feel positive about the formation of the committee. Several residents have volunteered to represent their fellow residents at this table. Our first meeting has been scheduled for January 18, 2021. A full agenda will be created in the days ahead, and we welcome receiving your suggested agenda items as we move toward our meeting. Among the items to be included in this initial meeting will be the creation of the terms of reference for the committee. Working collaboratively, we will chart the goals and objectives of the group, as well as determine the working model that will guide our meetings. In subsequent meetings, we intend to present the information from the recent report created by the two dietary interns and provide updates on the review of residential dining being undertaken by consultants external to the University. Of course, we will ensure that there is opportunity for conversation, questions, and discussion about new issues and old.

In order to ensure that information from the committee is readily available to all residents, we are working with the Chestnut Residence Life office to secure space on the Residence Website where we can post all documents related to the Dining Committee including agendas, minutes, supporting documents and reports. This will allow all residents to have access to the totality of the information and provide the transparency that this process demands, while not relying on an email distribution list that may inadvertently miss individual stakeholders.

It is still our desire to form a Residential Dining Committee with student representation from across the St. George Campus. This development process will begin as soon as the Chestnut Residence Dining Committee is formed, and will include representation from Chestnut, New College, Knox, and Campus One residents. It is hoped that the individual residence dining committees will send representative to this overarching group so that common issues and best practices can be shared across the campus.

I very much look forward to meeting you and working with your committee in the New Year.

All the best to you for a very happy, safe, and healthy holiday season.