Chestnut Residence Council 

Chestnut Residence Council (CRC) is made up of a group of Chestnut Residents who:  

  • Are committed to supporting social and athletic activities for all members of Chestnut Residence 
  • Act as the student decision-making body representing the residents of Chestnut Residence. 
  • Support social and athletic activities for all members of the Chestnut Residence community 
  • Encourage inter-floor unity 
  • Liaise with the Residence Life Office in matters concerning residents 
  • Keep residents informed of issues and events pertaining to the Residence and University community 
  • Follow policies and procedures as defined in the Council’s Policies and Procedures Manual 


Want to run for council? Positions are still available!

VP Finance (Previous UofT Experience is considered an asset): 

    1. Manage the Council’s financial accounts and maintain accurate records of all Council expenditures.
    2. Prepare and present to Council the annual Budget at the beginning of the fall term but no later than October 30th.
    3. Provide regular updates on the Council’s finances at Council meetings.
    4. Act as a signing authority for Council funds.
    5. Make all arrangements for the audit of the Council’s finances to the internal auditor of the University by the end of the school year. 
    1. Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
    2. Chair the Finance Commission


VP Social: 

    1. Organize residence-wide social events and promote residence spirit.
    2. Chair the Semi-Formal committee to facilitate and organize the annual semi-formal.
    3. Ensure all social coordinators meet their duties and responsibilities and if not, inform the President of said violations.
    4. Act as a signing authority for Council funds.
    5. Chair the Social Commission.


VP Internal: 

    1. Act as a liaison between Chestnut Tree staff and residents.
    2. Maintain CRC equipment including, but not limited to the Urban ping pong table, the Urban pool table, music room equipment, etc.
    3. Sit on the Residence Affairs committee and relay relevant information at council meetings.
    4. Chair the Internal Commission.


The Chestnut Residence Council (CRC) is a student governing body comprised of Chestnut residents. They are your peers that have been elected into their roles usually by the previous year’s community through a general election. The CRC plans social events for the community such as an annual Semi Formal and athletic intramurals. It also coordinates the purchasing of things like instruments, video and board games, and other equipment used for fun programming. Lastly, they act as a representative for Chestnut students on various committees that make decisions related to building operations. CRC holds regular meetings that are open to all students where anyone can ask questions, see the budget, and share ideas for programming.

Meet your 2019 – 20 Residence Council 


Lagan Maheshwari

My name is Lagan Maheshwari, and I am a third year international student from India. I am studying theatre at U of T, and I focus on performance and directing! As an undeclared major in my first year, I chose U of T because it offered a diverse range of programs for me to explore. My favourite thing about Toronto is that there is always more to see! This will be my third year living at Chestnut, and something I love is the community and the friendly and helpful staff. And the location! I am super excited to be on the Chestnut Residence Council as President this year. I look forward to meeting new students, organising engaging events, and making Chestnut a welcoming and inclusive space for all!

The president helps guide the council when it comes to big decisions, fosters teamwork, and serves as a liaison between the Residence Life Office and the Council.

VP Finance

Ankhee Paul

My name is Ankhee Paul. I’m an international student from India majoring in Economics and Statistics. I love interacting with people from different cultures which is why I felt that U of T would be perfect for me. My favourite thing about Chestnut is its location. Chestnut is conveniently located smack in the middle of downtown with Eaton Centre (and Chatime!) nearby. As the VP Finance this year, I will be responsible for keeping track of the financial side of all the activities /events that take place during the year. I especially look forward to working with the ResCouncil in welcoming all the students who will be living here this year and ensuring that they have a great year in Chestnut Residence.

The VP Finance is responsible for drawing up the budget, keeping track of expenses, and assisting with the audit.

VP Social

Alice Xu

Hi, I’m Alice 🙂 I’m in my second year studying Molecular Genetics + Microbiology with a major in Neuroscience. Congratulations on your acceptance! I’m excited to hear about your motivation for picking UofT. I love sailing, playing ice hockey, and Shulk (my boyfriend from Super Smash Bros.)! One of the reasons I love living in the City of Toronto is attending social events throughout the year. My favourite thing about Chestnut is its proximity to Nathan Phillips Square, where you can find me ice skating every night in the winter. As VP Social, I will be planning events at Chestnut with a council of social coordinators. I invite you to run for social coordinator of your floor so you can be involved in executing events such as the annual Halloween Haunted House, weekly Movie Nights, and my personal favourite, the end of year Semi-Formal. I’m looking forward to meeting you at orientation!

The VP Social is responsible for planning and running various events throughout the year aimed at bringing the Chestnut community closer together. Also, they are in charge of the annual Chestnut Semi-formal.

VP Communications

Mariajosé Moreno Londoño

My name is Mariajosé Moreno Londoño, but I just go by Maria. I’m a Colombian international student specializing in International Relations with a minor in East Asian Studies. I came to study to UofT because I wanted to pursue a quality education in an inclusive environment and UofT seemed like the ideal place for me. My favorite thing about living in Toronto is its cultural diversity, the possibilities for getting a taste of different cultures is truly ample in many ways.  My favorite thing about Chestnut is the possibility for creating your own community and sharing with a diverse group of people. My role as VP Communications will be to promote and communicate all of the activities and important information available for our students at Chestnut Residence. I’m looking forward to meeting many of our incoming students and to working together with our ResCouncil to bring them a great living experience this academic year.

The VP Communications works with all the other VPs to help advertise their events and other pertinent information to the Chestnut community.

VP Internal

Hi, my name is Yukta and I’m in second year life science, majoring in Human Biology, and Ecology and Evolutionary biology. I am a domestic student, from Toronto and UofT was my dream school! My favourite thing about Chestnut is the variety of food offered and its location. Right in the heart of the city next to Nathan Phillips Square. As the VP Internal, I’m in charge of keeping records and inventory of things in the public spaces in Chestnut like the Urban Lounge and music rooms. I’m looking forward to meeting all the first year students and hope they enjoy their year at Chestnut!

VP External

Hello! My name is Andrew Chen from PEI, studying in first-year Engineering Science. I chose U of T because of the large, diverse, yet tight-knit community that the University embodies. I love living in Toronto because of the broad array of food that it offers! My favourite thing about living at Chestnut is being able to work with people from diverse backgrounds who share common interests, whether in academics, sports, or volunteering. My role as VP External is to bring U of T and beyond to Chestnut, and to host clubs/external organizations at Chestnut to enrich your residence life! I look forward to meeting all of you, and working with the amazing Residence Council team to bring many plans into reality!

VP Athletics

Brandon Tan Chin Hian

Hey everyone! My name is Brandon and I’m currently a second year in the Physics and Philosophy Specialist program. My favourite thing about Toronto and Chestnut is their diversity and friendly environment which makes being away from home somewhat less difficult. This is one of the main reasons I chose to come to U of T and I don’t regret it! As the VP Athletics 2019-2020, I’m going to be in charge of organising all of Chestnut’s sports teams and promoting sports/sporting events (including holding game nights at Chestnut watching the new NBA champions play!). I’m looking forward to another fun year at Chestnut and don’t hesitate to talk to me about anything sports-related!

The VP Athletics organizes all of Chestnut’s sports teams, including the intramural teams. Also, they promote sport events in Chestnut, taking the community out to see games or watching them live in house.


Floor Social Coordinator

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