Top 5 tips to take your dorm decor to the next level!

Top 5 tips to take your dorm decor to the next level!

By: Amelia Eaton

Moving into your new home can be a thrilling experience! It is great to be part of the Chestnut community, and join the excitement of orientation week, but its important to  feel like you are relaxed and cozy in your new space. Here are some tips to help infuse your new space with a little personality and a lot of comfort!

  1. Make your bed comfy and cute. Your bed will tend to be the focal point of your room, so it is a great way to showcase your personal style. Plus after a long day, there’s nothing better than getting into a comfy bed! At Chestnut Residence, you have an even bigger canvas to work with as the rooms have double beds, instead of the typical single beds found in dorms. This gives you extra space for throw pillows and blankets that make your bed feel cozy and inviting! My tip to maximize the space is to get a neutral duvet and then play with texture and colour in the throw pillows.


  1. Stay organized! Having a tidy and organized room is the key to making it look nice! Plus getting clutter out of the way can help you focus on studying. Storage of some sort is pretty much a necessity for dorm living, whether its storing your winter coat in the fall or your shorts in the winter. Getting storage boxes that are fit under your bed will really help to maximize space, but you might want to have some on your desk or beside your bed as well. Getting fabric boxes or ones with cool patterns can certainly be a great way to add to your dorm decor! As well, a cart with multiple shelves is an incredibly versatile dorm essential. You can use it to organize snacks for late night studying (my favourites are microwave popcorn, tea, and granola bars), makeup brushes and palettes, or even just books and other nicknacks.


  1. Use accent colours to create a cohesive look. With all the things you will be bringing to residence, it can be tempting to get everything in your favourite bright colours. But this can end up a little overwhelming, as remember, you’re going to be living in (and sharing) this one room all year. To make the space seem calmer, try to use just a few colours in your decor. If you already have a roommate, you may want to swap photos of your duvets and other dorm decor you plan to bring so that you’re on the same page. You can even create a joint Pinterest board to pin dorm decor inspo!


  1. Make it personal. This is your home for the next 8 months and it should feel like it! Photos of your favourite high school memories, parents and family pets, as well as some memorabilia (year books, medals, etc.) can really make you feel settled in. Keeping a few special framed photos on your desk as well as some objects that carry special significance (snowglobes, movie ticket stubs) can be a great way to incorporate your memories into your decorations.


  1. Brighten up your space! Adding your own fairy lights around your bed or desk can really change the feel of the room. As well, a small reading light by your bed or desk can be really helpful if your roommate and you have different schedules where one needs to stay up later than the other. Fairy lights and a cool tapestry are a tried and true dorm decor combination! Just remember to use sticky tack or command tape to hang the lights and tapestry to ensure no damage occurs to the wall.