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About Us

Meet the Team

residence life office STAFF

Steve Masse

Dean of Residence and Director of Student Life

Portrait of Klara Kovarova

Klara Kovarova

Associate Dean Residence Life

Eliza Davies-Greenwald

Assistant Dean Residence Administration

Portrait of Jessi Sidhu

 Jessi Sidhu

Assistant Dean Residence Life

Portrait of Panda

Jordan Craig

Residence Services Coordinator

Portrait of Nik Roberts-Stahlbrand

Nik Roberts -Stahlbrand

Student Life Programs Coordinator

Aloka Mahadurage

Residence Life Coordinator

portrait of Makena

Makena Zimmerman

Residence Life Coordinator

Aisalyn Templin

Administration and Communications Assistant

2023-24 DON TEAM

Residence Dons are upper year undergraduate or graduate students who live and work in residence to offer advice and support on academic, personal, or interpersonal concerns. Dons ensure that our community standards are respected, provide campus resources as required, and work within the community to organize social and education programming for students.

Portrait of don 4th floor Dong


4th Floor

Portrait of don 5th floor Alex


5th Floor

Portrait of don 6th floor Nayaab


6th Floor

Portrait of don 7th floor Noah


7th Floor

Portrait of don 8th floor Aliyaah


8th Floor

Portrait of don 9th floor Ben


9th Floor

Portrait of don 10th floor Sariah


10th Floor

Portrait of don 11th floor Samantha


11th Floor

Portrait of don 12th floor Ethan


12th Floor

Portrait of don 14th floor Megh


14th Floor

Portrait of don 15th floor Rayden


15th Floor

Portrait of don 16th floor Lexi


16th Floor

Portrait of don 17th floor Joseph


17th Floor

Portrait of don 18th floor Sahil


18th Floor

Portrait of don 19th floor Rubaina


19th Floor

Portrait of don 20th floor Ofure


20th Floor

Portrait of don 21st floor Akruthi


21st Floor

Portrait of don 22nd floor Zainab


22nd Floor

Portrait of don 23rd floor Steph


23rd Floor

Portrait of don 24th floor Delphine


24th Floor

Portrait of don 25th floor Jennifer


25th Floor

Portrait of don 26/27th floor Chan-Min


26/27th Floor

Faculty in Residence

Vianey Leos Barajas

Vianey Leos Barajas is an Assistant Professor, jointly-appointed between the Department of Statistical Sciences and School of the Environment at the University of Toronto. 

She is primarily interested in working in the areas of ecological statistics, time series modeling, Bayesian statistics and, more recently, spatial modeling of environmental data. She is currently a faculty affiliate at the Vector Institute and a faculty member of the Centre for Global Change Science. Collaborative projects bring her joy, so while she is formally trained in mathematics and statistics, you’ll likely find her working closely with ecologists (especially those who work with sharks) on various projects.

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Community Wellness Coordinator

The Community Wellness Coordinators coordinates and facilitate programs for all Chestnut residents so you’ll likely encounter them out and about in the community. They also work to help develop a wellness framework for the Chestnut Residence Life program and will regularly solicit feedback from the residence community on their experiences with health and wellness.