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Communities of students at Chestnut

Prospective students

Themed Floors & Communities

At Chestnut Residence we offer the unique opportunity to live on themed floors. Themed floors are designed to expand your learning beyond the classroom by providing an enhanced residence experience that encourages interaction with other students who share similar values, interests, or academic backgrounds

Our 2022-23 Themed Floors

Why a themed floor?

Themed floors provide students with opportunities to:


Meet like-minded individuals


Form long-lasting friendships

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Share goals and projects


Support each other through common challenges


Participate in events to connect with faculty outside of the classroom


Be exposed to and benefit from new experiences and ideas through programming

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Planned events on your floor

Events in residence (also known as “programs”) are thoughtfully planned and delivered by various staff in the Residence Life Office, and most commonly by your assigned Residence Don.

Your Don is an upper year student on your floor there to provide you with support, advice, resources, referrals, and programming.

On themed floors, Dons are required to ensure that a portion of their programming is centered on the theme of their specific floor so as to provide a holistic offering of out-of-classroom learning experiences.

Residents are also welcomed to bring forward programming and social ideas that they want to see and are encouraged to take initiative within their community.  


Finding a roommate

Once you have been accepted to residence we encourage you to begin your search for a roommate. 

Join our 2022-23 Chestnut Residents Facebook Group

Our 2022-23 Chestnut Residents Facebook Group is a wonderful online community space where you can connect with other incoming students, find a roommate, and stay updated on important Chestnut news and information. Our Facebook group is for 2022-23 Chestnut residents only, therefore you will need to provide your student number in order to be accepted into the group.  

StarPortal Roommate Matching

You also are able to message people through StarPortal; be sure to fill out your profile with as much detail as possible, so other students can learn more about you.


The best starting point for a successful roommate match is to establish good and regular communication. We have put together some questions to help facilitate these initial conversations with potential roommates: 

  • What kind of music do you like? Hobbies? Sports? Books? Movies? 
  • What courses are you thinking about taking? 
  • What kind of food do you like to eat? 
  • What do you want out of the residence experience? 
  • Are you a night owl? Early riser? Both? 


Review the Rooms & Roommates section in our Frequently Asked Questions or email us at