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September 9, 2022 | News

DYK?: A Quick Guide to Chestnut

& U of T Acronyms 

Ok, we’ll admit it, U of T has A LOT of acronyms, and Chestnut is no exception. As a first-year, or a new student, we know this can be very confusing. Check out this quick guide so you don’t get FOMO when it comes to the 411.  

Chestnut-Specific Acronyms 

ACA – Administration and Communications Assistant  
ADRA – Assistant Dean, Residence Administration  
ADRL – Associate Dean, Residence Life/Assistant Dean, Residence Life 
AM – Academic Mentor 
CRC – Chestnut Residence Council  
EPA – Engineering Programming Ambassador 
FD – Front Desk 
LLC – Living Learning Community 
MCA – Marketing and Communications Assistant 
ResNet – onsite help desk to assist residents with internet support 
RLO – Residence Life Office 
RSC – Residence Services Coordinator  
RLC – Residence Life Coordinator  
SEC – Security 
SLPC – Student Life Programs Coordinator  
UC – Urban Crew 
Urban – Urban Lounge 

U of T Acronyms 

ACORN – a web service which provides you access to certain portions of your University Records CIE – Centre for International Experience 
CLNx – Career Learning Network x  
CxEd – Career Exploration and Education Centre  
Daniels – Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design  
FAS – Faculty of Arts & Science  
FASE – Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering  
FYO – First Year Office (at FASE)  
HH – Hart House  
HR – Human Resources  
KIN – Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education  
LLC – Learning & Leadership Centre  
OVPS – Office of the Vice Provost, Students  ROSI – Repository of Student Information: An institutional system that supports the operations, planning and management of student academic records, accounts and awards 
Rotman – Rotman Commerce  
SCS – School of Continuing Studies  StarRez- Residence application and information system Tcard – Your official University of Toronto student ID card 
USW – United Steelworkers (union) 
UTM – University of Toronto Mississauga   
UTSC – University of Toronto Scarborough  
UTSG – University of Toronto St. Geroge