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November 11, 2023 | Meeting minutes

Residence Affairs Committee Minutes 

Friday November 10th, 3pm – 4pm, Zoom 

Present: Andrea, Eliza, Jeff, Lexi, Matthew, Omina, Renee, Shmily, Steve, Yanzhen, Zach

Regrets: Jessi, Kevin, Olivia, Sangeeta 

Introductions & Departmental Updates 

Residence Life Office:

  • Eliza, Assistant Dean, Residence Administration returned from parental leave in October 
  • Steve, Dean of Residence and Director of Student Life joined the team in October 
  • Zahabiya, Residence Life Coordinator is leaving in December, the position has been posted and we are in the hiring process 

Administration, Operations & Finance:

  • Unfortunately a representative from this department was not able to join us this meeting due to time constraints related to budget deadlines
  • Will share updates and information on key projects at the next meeting Building Operations 

Building Operations:

  • Matthew has been in his position for 2 years, but has worked in many departments at Chestnut Residence for the past 5+ years 
  • For any items that need to be fixed (in student rooms or in a common room), please place a work order on StarRez 
  • Work Orders are received by Matthew who reviews them and assigns the work to a technician (usually respond within 24hrs) 
  • Building Operations is responsible for managing common spaces/general building 
  • There has been a particular focus on heating/cooling during the past few weeks
    • As of this past weekend, everything is heated and warm (including the 28th floor)
  • Also focusing on PTAC unit maintenance within rooms – schedules will be sent out soon
  • Any planned maintenance room is communicated via the Residence Life Office 

Front Desk:

  • Recently hired a new staff member: Marina 

Food Services:

  • Jeff has been in his position for about a year, prior to working at Chestnut Residence he worked at three different universities in similar positions 
  • Works closely with Executive Chefs and Chef Olivia 
  • Currently hiring an Assistant Director, Residential Dining
  • Working through a few new promotions that launched prior to Reading Week 
    • Focus on creating more value options:
      • Ex: Tuesday $2/100gram pop-up station (ex. taco bar, build your own burger, etc.) 
      • Added a bowl of rice at fixed cost at the pan station ($3.50) 
      • 10% discount on Friday/Saturday night dinner service
      • Multiple sizes of plates (fixed price) at the pan station 
      • Sunday night: fixed price family meal menu 
      • Theme meal nights with a la carte pricing
  • Looking forward to hearing feedback on the changes as more students return from Winter Break
  • Chef is looking into updates to menu rotation to have provide more variety 
  • Look at incrementally augmenting program as student feedback is received 


  • Andrea has been at Chestnut Residence for many years and has worked for a number of departments 
  • Manages the Housekeeping team (service rooms on a weekly basis) 
  • Involved with projects to improve student rooms:
    • Vinyl (wallpaper)
    • Drapery (curtains) (complete a few floors every year) 

Urban Crew:

  • Renee is the Urban Crew Manager (work study student) 
  • Urban Crew is up and running with 17 student volunteers and Renee also covers a shift 
  • Urban Hours are:
    • Monday to Friday: 5pm-11pm
    • Saturday/Sunday: Noon-Midnight 
  • Urban Crew volunteers: 
    • Log out board games
    • Log out equipment for ping-pong and pool
    • Support with A/V needs 
  • Dons often run events and Urban Crew support events (tech support, log out equipment)
  • Movie Night tomorrow (Saturday November 11th) 

Residence Council:

  • Omina (VP, Internal for Residence Council) 
  • Working on Chestnut Formal 
    • Date: November 18th 
    • Location: Mariott at the Eaton Centre
  • Working on timeline for the formal and ticketing and promotion to students 
    • 100 students have signed up (max capacity is 250) 
  • All seats on the CRC have been filled except VP, Athletics
    • If anyone is interested in this final position, please contact the Residence Life Office

Lexi, Don:

  • Sat on the Residence Affairs Committee last year 
  • Currently in her 2nd year of a Masters program 
  • 16th Floor Don
  • Joined RAC to help students advocate for themselves and push their voices forward 

Zachary, Student Representative:

  • 2nd year student 
  • Wanted to be more involved this year

Shmily, Student Representative (also an Urban Crew Member):

  • Always interested in Student Life 
  • Really fun and exciting 


  • 1st year student 


  • Students have generally been happy with how things are going so far 
  • Been great to see Floor Reps back and CRC fully filled
  • There have been some Food Services concerns:
    • Happy to see some new promotion opps rolling out
    • Appreciate the effort
    • Students really appreciate the cashiers and kitchen staff 

Communication Preferences 

  • Following social media for quick updates, such as an event going on – pertinent in the moment 
  • Website is helpful for the static information (such as hours) 
  • Chestnut Chatter is pretty helpful for current topics 
  • How to best relay the information is an ongoing struggle of the dons 
  • Bulletin boards are also helpful, but often don’t capture students attention enough 
  • Some floors are utilizing a WhatsApp group chat with success 


  • Invite a CWC to attend these meetings – Eliza to follow-up