Chestnut will be your home-away-from-home for the next 8 months and this guide has all the necessary information that will help you navigate your move-in and first day at Chestnut. Move-in at Chestnut is split into two days:

  • *NEW* Option: Move-In Early on Saturday, August 31st, both first year and upper year students in both double and single rooms (RSVP required, check your email for more details).
  • Day 1, Sunday, September 1st is when Double room residents move in; 700-800 students will be arriving on this day!
  • Day 2 is Monday, September 2nd, with our Single room residents arriving.

Download a printable & accessible PDF version of the move-in guide.

Know your move-in date and time What to Bring Arrive at Chestnut Residence Parking Step by Step Move-in Know who to ask for help Stay nourished and hydrated Parent Information Sessions Say goodbye to your family/helpers Chestnut & U of T Orientation Explore U of T's St.George Campus Explore Downtown Toronto Preparing your Computer

NEW option for both Double & Single rooms (RSVP required!):

Saturday, August 31

Schedule subject to change – please check back regularly. 

Residents moving into a Double room will move in on:

Sunday, September 1st

Schedule subject to change – please check back regularly. 

*Please stick to this schedule to ensure a smooth move-in process, however we understand those travelling great distances (international students for example) may not be able to keep to this.

Residents moving into a Single room will move in on:

Monday, September 2nd

Schedule subject to change – please check back regularly. 

*For more information on orientation activities, contact Chestnut Residence Council at

If you have concerns about your move-in date, please email the Residence Life Office


  • Early Arrival – Students may apply for early arrival to residence by filling in the following forms and sending them to

    Please note, this is only for those who are experiencing circumstances that are unavoidable and are requesting special consideration to arrive early. Accommodations will be considered on a case by case basis (Minimum one week stay)

    Fees will be posted to your Acorn account once processed.

  • Late Arrival – If you do not take possession of and occupy the Room by midnight, Sunday, September 8, 2019, the Room reservation and this licence are automatically forfeited and cancelled, and the University may license the Room to another resident forthwith, without notice to the Resident.
  • Meal plans will begin at 5:00 PM on Sunday, September 1st, 2019.
  • Overnight guests will not be allowed from Sunday, September 1st to Sunday, September 8th 2019.

Please note: There will be a  free BUS SHUTTLE EVENT from Chestnut Residence to Bed Bath & Beyond at College Park on Sunday, September 1st!

Chestnut Residence provides students with the following:
  • 1 Double sized bed per student
  • 1 Pillow per student
  • 1 Desk and Desk Chair per student
  • 1 Dresser per room
  • 1 Armoire in double rooms
  • 1 Closet per room
  • Curtains for the room
  • Shower curtain in the bathroom
  • Telephone (internal & local calls provided – a phone card will be needed for long distance calls)
  • Waste and Recycling Bins
  • Smoke Detector & battery
Don’t forget to bring:

  • Bedding (Chestnut Residence provides Double sized beds)
  • Mattress Cover
  • Pillow case
  • Favourite books, movies, pictures
  • Hangers
  • Alarm clock
  • Decorations – posters, plants, photos, etc.
  • Sticky-tack adhesive or poster tabs for decorations (no nails or tacks!)
  • Storage boxes for your room (there is no extra storage in the residence)
  • Laundry bag and HE (High Efficiency) washing machine detergent

You can pre-order bedding, bath linens, and closet storage from: Residence Linens

There will also be a shuttle from Chestnut to Bed, Bath & Beyond on Sunday, September 1st. (Cancelled due to road closures)

You might also want to bring:
  • A small/mini fridge for your room (max. 1 metre in height)
  • Ear plugs or eye masks for sleeping
  • TV (Residence rooms are not equipped with cable)
  • Semi-formal wear
  • Winter clothing
What NOT to bring:
    • Items that promote unsafe alcohol consumption (e.g. drinking games or drinking game tables, funnels, kegs or any other drinking paraphernalia).
    • Any illegal substances, non-prescribed drugs/narcotics, or drug paraphernalia (including hookahs, bongs, pipes, e-cigarettes and vaporizers etc.)
    • Candles, incense, potpourri etc.
    • Large stereos, sub-woofers or DJ equipment.
    • Valuables  (Chestnut does not have storage safes so valuables are kept at one’s own risk.)
    • Extra Furniture (Students are also not permitted to add or remove any furniture from rooms.)
    • Any cooking appliances including hot plates, rice cookers, toasters, toaster ovens, microwaves, kettles, coffee makers, etc. (there is a communal fridge and microwave on each floor)..
    • Weapons are restricted. Items worn for religious purposes or used for extracurricular activities such as martial arts require advanced permission from the Residence Office.
    • Pets (dogs, cats, fish, lizards, hamsters etc.).
By car
  • From the East:
    • Follow the 401 W onto the 401 Express.
    • Take the 404/Don Valley Parkway (DVP) exit towards downtown.
    • Merge onto the DVP South.
    • Take the exit toward Richmond street downtown.
    • On Richmond, turn right onto University Ave.
    • Follow University Ave. north to Elm St.
    • Turn right onto Elm St, and right again onto Elizabeth st.
    • Follow Elizabeth St. south past Dundas St. W
    • Chestnut Residence will be on your right.
  • From the West:
    • Follow the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) to the Gardiner Expressway.
    • Take the Bay St./York St. exit toward Yonge St.
    • Keep right and follow the signs for York St. N.
    • Merge onto York St. (York St. will become University Ave.)
    • Follow University Ave. north to Elm St.
    • Turn right onto Elm St, and right again onto Elizabeth st.
    • Follow Elizabeth St. south past Dundas St. W
    • Chestnut Residence will be on your right.

By Train or bus
If travelling to Chestnut Residence via train or Go bus, you final destination will be Union Station. 

  • Transportation options from Union Station include TTC, taxis, or uber


By Air

There are a number of nearby and convenient paid parking lots where you can park during your move-in time slot.
  1. Arrive at Chestnut at your designated move-in time
  2. If you are driving, a member of our move-in team will be waiting on Elm St. & Elizabteth Street to help guide you. Pull up to the designated unloading area, unload the car, and then proceed to park you car. There are a number of nearby and convenient paid parking lots where you can park during your move-in time slot.
  3. Inside the Chestnut lobby, there will be two lines – one for students to register, the other for belongings.
    • Line 1: Students with ID should proceed to the front desk, and get their room key.
    • Line 2: Families and helpers should proceed to this line with the student’s belongings, awaiting a trip up the elevator.
  4. Proceed to the Res Life Hub (in the Dining Hall) where you will be asked to drop off $20 (cash) for your Floor Fees. These funds go towards activities the Floor Council and Don will organize throughout the year. In this space, you will also have the chance to sign up for Chestnut-specific orientation activities and find other useful resources. You can talk to our Chestnut Residence Council about Chestnut orientation, and several vendors about residence supplies and storage.
  5. TCard Pick-Up (only available to students who have submitted a photo online by the designated deadline). Go the The Hearth (adjacent to the Dining Hall) where you will be able to pick up your card. *Please note this is only available between 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM and only available to students who have submitted photos. Alternatively, photos can be taken and cards issued at the TCard Office.
  6. If you would like the option of a wired internet connection, proceed to the IT Desk (next to the Front Desk reception), to register for modem & cables for in-room internet.
  7. (Optional) Go to the Urban Lounge for refreshments and to relax.
  8. Re-join family/helpers and luggage and move up to your new floor and room. Make sure to do the following:
    • Meet your Residence Don (your senior student guide for the year)
    • Meet your new roommate!
    • Read your Chestnut Student Handbook & Community Standards
    • Set up your voice mail on your in-room phone
    • Say goodbye to family and hello to new friends!
  9. Don’t Forget! there is a mandatory floor meeting and dinner, that will take place on your floor (by the elevator) at 5pm. Ask your Don about this if you have any questions.
  • Our move-in crew consists of  building staff, Dons, Residence Council members, and other student volunteers. If you have any questions or need assistance, just ask! The move-in crew will be wearing shirts that identify them.
  • The move-in crew will be on hand to assist in the unloading process but cannot move your belongings for you.
    • Meal plans will be available starting at 5:00 PM on Sunday, September 1st, 2019.
    • You may want to bring a water bottle with you to move-in, to help you remain hydrated. The tap water in your room is safe to drink.

Sunday, September 1st

There will be two optional information sessions for parents/guardians during the day in the Chestnut Ballroom on the 2nd Floor at 11am and 3pm. Information about student life at Chestnut Residence, the Residence Community Standards, supports systems in place for residents, and how we keep residents safe will be presented.

  • Guest passes are not required during the day on September 2nd and 3rd.
  • Overnight guests will not be allowed from Sunday, September 1st  to Sunday, September 8th 2019.

The Chestnut Residence Council (CRC), the elected student government in the residence, and the Residence Life Office (RLO) organize orientation and welcome activities for students that complement the College and Faculty activities, so you can participate in both. Some activities are free, while others may require an additional cost.

For more information, contact or

Learn more about who your residence council is….

Other U of T Orientations:

Click on map above to enlarge.

We would encourage all students to either walk, bike, or take public transit (TTC) when travelling to and from campus, or around the city of Toronto.

Chestnut Residence is a 15-20 minute walk from campus, however, commute times will vary depending on weather and where a student’s classes are located

Many students invest in a bicycle for faster travel. We do not recommend expensive bikes as bike theft on campus and in Toronto is quite common. If you do bring a bike with you to Chestnut:

  • You can store your bike in 1 of 2 rooms located on the concourse level
  • Register your bike at the Front Desk and they will program your key card to allow access
  • Remember to keep your bike locked up, even in the bike room

You may also want to consider a public bike share program, such as Bike Share Toronto.

Click on map above to enlarge.

Chestnut Residence is steps away from:

    • City Hall the Nathan Phillips Square (with the famous TORONTO sign)
    • Dundas Square (reminiscent of New York’s Times Square with myriad billboards- the lights and colours showcase the excitement of our downtown core)
    • Eaton Centre ( Toronto’s premier shopping centre, with more than 230 retailers, restaurants and services)
    • University Avenue (home to four of the University Health Network hospitals, including Princess Margaret and Toronto Western)
    • St. Patrick Subway Station (located on the Yonge-University subway line)

Home & Hardware




Office Supplies






Shopping Centres


Preparing Your Computer

What to do before you come to campus (recommended):

For Computers

  • Apply all updates for your operating system and all other installed programs (Windows, Mac, Linux, or other)
  • Make sure your antivirus is current. U of T students can download a free version of antivirus software.

Mobile Devices

  • Make sure the operating system and other installed apps for all your other mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, or other) are current. Refer to your device user guide for instructions on how to update and keep your mobile device current.

Additional Information

  • There is Wi-Fi inside most rooms and common areas throughout the building
  • If you also want a hard wire connection, set up assistance is available through ResNet (located in Lobby beside Front Desk)
  • Some new laptops are no longer manufactured with Ethernet connections. To connect to internet in one’s room, you will need to buy an adaptor and install drivers on your computer. ResNet is happy to advise students where they can purchase needed adaptors.

*Please be vigilant of content being downloaded/ viewed. Torrents, pirated material, and/or illegally sourced content downloaded over the University of Toronto network can lead to internet connection suspensions initiated by the copyright holder. Please refer to the Network Usage Agreement.

If you have any questions, or difficulty connecting to ResNet when you arrive, please contact the IT Service Helpline at: 416.585.3182.

For additional information and resources, visit the ResNet web page (select the “ResNet Internet Information tab”).

Have more Questions about your move? Please review our Frequently Asked Questions!