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November 22, 2023 | News

Introducing Tara, Deborah and Layan.

Say hello to Chestnut’s Arts & Science Academic Mentors 👋 From study tips and resources, to fun socials exclusively for Chestnut’s Arts & Science and Rotman community – they do it all!

Tara ✨ 

Studying: Neuroscience, CSB and Immunology

Top tier revision snack: My go to study snack at Chestnut has been the Muffins+Coffee combo cause let’s be honest, the muffins here are unmatched ☕️

Current study playlist: Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo

Deborah ✨ 

Studying: Criminology and PoliSci

Top tier revision snack: Doritos (brain food)

Current study playlist: Bad Bunny

Layan ✨ 

Studying: Architecture

Top tier revision snack: Pretzels 🥨

Current study playlist: Joji

You’ll find them up next in the Urban Lounge for an evening of charades and cake on Wednesday, November 22.

Stay tuned for more A&S themed events coming soon!