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March 14, 2022 | Meeting minutes

Monday, March 14

Residence Affairs Committee


Present: Bolu, Dana, Eliza, Honoka, Kevin, Klara, Mustafa
Regrets:Andrea, Ciel, Dave, Eddie, Kate, Ishika, Maria, Timothy

Residence Life Updates

  • Transition
    • New Assistant Dean, Residence Administration: Dana Burke (first day: March 7th)
  • Common Spaces restrictions loosened
    • Urban Lounge: Max capacity: 25 people
    • 27th Floor: Max capacity: 25 people
    • 28th Study Room: Max capacity 25 people
  • Urban Crew Manager Hiring for 2022-23 (deadline to apply March 13th)
  • RSA Hiring (deadline to apply March 13th)
    • Hiring two RSAs (live-in summer Front Desk/RLO staff)
  • Don Hiring
    • Two dons were hired in January (14th and 7th floor)
    • Month+ long process to hire dons for 2022-23
      • Received 120+ applications
      • Currently in last stage: group interviews
      • Offers/Acceptance: April
  • Programming
    • Focus on year-end programming, ex. Exam Jam
    • Looking to start offering some in-person opportunities
      • Recent trip to High Park

Urban Crew Updates

  • Urban Crew Manager vacant currently
  • Currently hiring for Urban Crew Manager for 2022-23
  • Back to regular schedule including weekday shifts 5pm-11pm
  • Last day: April 9th

Administrative & Finance, Building, Housekeeping Updates

  • Fiscal year end approaching, end of April
  • Facilities: Welcomed new Manager: Franco (started two weeks ago)
  • Last week experienced large flooding incident (from 4th floor, 3rd floor, Ballroom on
  • the 2nd floor, RLO on 1st floor and the parking garage)
    • Step 1: Stopped the water
    • Step 2: Flood remediation: try to remove the water/dry spaces/prevent moulding
  • Three year project to install heating/AC in all the rooms
    • 2021-22: challenges with delays and temporary units
    • 2022-23: already have the units onsite, will start installing this summer
      • Will complete this project and ensure all rooms have new units by end of summer
    • The units use heat pumps (uses less energy) and provide better access to fresh air, lower maintenance and are quieter
  • Continue on replacing vinyl, curtains in residence rooms (and down the line look into replacing washrooms)
  • Working on a number of large maintenance projects that are more behind the scenes
  • Maintenance/Housekeeping services continues as usual

Food Services Updates

  • March 23rd, 9-10pm: Virtual Report Presentation on Dining Review
    • Review: Menu Offerings, Price Features, Student Engagement, etc.
    • Link in Chestnut Chatter
  • Pie Day today: March 14th (specials on pizza today)
  • Tomorrow is UofT’s birthday, will be free birthday cake available
  • As of today, Dining Hall is open at full capacity with no social distancing (masks still
  • required)
  • This Wednesday is Dietician Day
  • Mobile App currently open and running
  • March 30th: Birthday Celebration for all March birthdays
  • April 13th: Birthday Celebration for all April & Summer birthdays
  • April 17th: Easter Lunch
  • Ramadan boxed breakfasts available
  • April 30 Dinner: Last meal this semester, move-out on May 1st lunch

Residence Council Updates

  • Spirit Week: today is Pajama Day, Tuesday: Twin Day, Wednesday: Decade Day,
  • Thursday: St. Patrick’s Day, Friday: UofT Merch Day
  • Next week: Scavenger Hunt event
  • Following week: Mini Painting Session in Urban Lounge
    • Sign-up sheet to gauge interest
    • Host multiple smaller groups

Student Updates

  • Urban Lounge is less busy, more spaces open allows student to space out better