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October 22, 2020 | Meeting minutes

Thursday, October 22

Present: Andrea Nelson, Ankee Paul, Arsenio Mostrales, David Kim, Eliza DaviesGreenwald, Frank Sandoval Macias, Hannah Eng, Jack Lewandowski, Jamie Seo, Kevin Dancy, Klara Kovarova, Mustafa Nalwala,
Regrets: Eddie Low, Ksenia Meteleva, Maria Javier, Timothy Duanmu

Terms of Reference Review

Please see attached Terms of Reference

Residence Life Updates

  • Many changes to the Residence Life Office Team since last year:
    • Aaron Tsang, Residence Life Coordinator (on secondment)
    • Aisalyn Templin, Administration and Communications Assistant (on leave) – Ruth Hobbis is the current ACA
    • Alex Humphries, Manager, Admissions and Communications (on leave)
    • Sonja Smiljani, Student Life Programs Coordinator (on leave)
    • Full staff list available at:
  • Dons Overview
    • 18 dons
    • Floors 4, 8, 9, 19 closed
  • Common Spaces Overview
    • Open Bookable Spaces
      • Music Rooms (max. 1 person/room)
      • Study Rooms (max. 1 person/room)
    • Open Common Areas
      • Urban Lounge (max. 10 people)
      • 28th Floor Study Room (max. 10 people)
    • Closed Spaces
      • 27th Floor
      • Gym
      • Dance Studio
  • Bike Auction Results
    • All 10 bikes sold raising $685 for the Student Fund (Note: the Student Fund supports initiatives such as the common-usage printer in the lobby)
  • Guests
    • There is currently a strict No Guest policy in place, this will remain in place for the foreseeable future
  • Admissions
    • Expected to see an uptick in the number of residents living in Chestnut for the Winter Term as travel restrictions have shifted
      • Question re: upper year student offers – confirmed any UofT student who is looking to move into residence for the Winter semester is welcome to apply

Administrative & Finance Updates

• No Updates

Building Updates

  • New PTAC units installed on Floors 4 to 11
  • The rest of the Floors will receive new units in 2021-22
  • Question from Jamie regarding the heat, Jr. confirmed that students can control the heat in their own rooms via the thermostat. If the heating is still not working, students should place a work order for Maintenance to fix the unit.
  • Construction happening on Floor 3, should not start work prior to 8am. If work starts prior to 8am please contact the RLO who can follow up to ensure this does not happen again.

Food Services Updates

  • Recruiting for Food Services Committee (five applications so far)
  • Apply at:
  • Letter announcing changes in early-October
  • Three Focus Groups hosted in mid-October
  • Mobile App: $10 off if students download the app
    • Includes information on menu and ingredients (including allergen information)
    • use the referral code CHESTNUT
  • Suggestion to create flexibility with bundling or offer single items for lower cost (i.e. if only ordering the chicken, shouldn’t cost $6 when full meal combo costs $7)
  • Suggestion re: posting menu one week in advance
  • Question re: tapping T-Cards to avoid staff handling cards – Mustafa already looking into this
  • For any feedback about the dining hall, please email Mustafa at:

Housekeeping Updates

  • Enhanced cleaning since March 2020
  • Schedule Finalized:
  • For special requests/changes, contact:

Urban Crew Updates

  • Schedule Confirmed: 18 members
    • Monday to Thursday: 5pm-11pm
    • Friday: 5pm-Midnight
    • Saturday/Sunday: Noon-Midnight
  • Programming
    • Ping Pong Table Open (bring your paddles)
    • Pumpkin Carving on Friday October 30th
    • Ongoing Photo Challenge (Theme: Home)
    • Will show the Elections on November 3rd

Residence Council Updates

  • Recently hired all members of the committee
  • Looking at a number of events and initiatives including sorting students into “Houses” Harry Potter style and earning points through a variety of activities; Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative; Door Decorating and more.
  • Ankhee (previous VP, Finance) is assisting with the transition
  • Frank noted that any pamphlets leftover from events can be left in Urban Lounge with an Urban Crew member to distribute

Student Updates

  • Hannah noted that some students had been charged via T-Bucks for snack items in the Dining Hall. Any students who had this error, advised to contact Mustafa for refund.
  • Jamie noted parties happening on closed floors, reminder to HK/Bldg Ops to keep those doors closed as closed floors/pool area is off-limits to students.
  • Concern re: overcrowding in elevators
  • Concerns re: Food Services (undercooked noodles) at the pan station; note that substitutions should be allowed for combos/bundling; prices are still high
  • Suggestion: place example meals by the cash so students can clearly see what the offerings are before entering the Dining Hall
  • Students feel at home here even through social conditions are what they are