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December 1, 2020 | Meeting minutes

Tuesday December 1st

Present: Andrea, Ankhee, Eliza, Frank, Hannah, Jack, Jamie, Klara, Ksenia, Mustafa, Timothy

Residence Life Updates

  • Common Rooms opening on each floor
    • Looking into possibility of smart TVs in each room
  • Urban Lounge
    • Floor Specific times posted
    • Sign-In Sheet
    • Suggestion to review 6am-9am timeslot, perhaps start later
  • Fitness Equipment Loaning Program
    • January Survey to check in on program, should loans be for more or less time?
  • Winter Break
    • Food Services has an option for folks who are staying
    • Extra quiet time of year, but have planned some regular 1:1 check-ins
    • Programming will always be available
      • Well received, will be appreciated for students who are staying

Housekeeping Updates

• Nothing to report/ No Questions

Administrative & Finance Updates

  • Elevator Report Highlights
    • Identified issues to be addressed by end of December 2020
      • Noisy doors
      • TVs
      • Voice Annunciators
      • Bubbling on floor of elevator tiles
    • Overall elevators were functioning and button call response shown no issues
  • Elevator closest to 36 is quite loud (especially higher floors) (started again last week) (previously was loud Sept to Oct for about a month)
  • Note: The card readers do not work efficiently in two elevators: They require multiple rapid swipes before turning green. Elevators indicated by the red squares”
  • Annual budget process underway (until March 2021)
  • PTAC units schedule being designed (Phase Two) replacing units in 12 to 20 likely in May 2021

Food Services Updates

  • Fill out meal plan application by December 4th
  • Pop-up station in the Dining Hall, different themed dinner (December 7th to 11th)
  • December 13th: Whooville inspired dinner
  • Week of December 20th: Will have a hot chocolate bar
  • Have installed tap devices in the Dining Hall, software has been updated, most TCards should be tapping by now. If there are still issues, let Mustafa know who can look into it, may be the TCard itself
  • Friday to Sunday, donated a non-perishable food item to a local charity to match number of coffees sold (500 in total)
  • Online menus are updated, will show entire week
  • Can check balance on the app moving forward
    • Mobile app for menus/nutritional information
    • Transact app for balance/checking transactions
  • Request to see the omelette station return. Mustafa will check on bringing this back or offering the omelettes more often.
  • Wanted to follow-up with the protein pricing (so if not buying a combo, but just getting one item – the price for the one item should be cheaper)
    • Will be three types of veg available with each meal
    • No answer re: pricing at this time
    • Also would like information on the Mix & Match (i.e. be able to select more than the strict items in combos, i.e. entrée and salad would be nice). Salad station and entrée suggestion.

Urban Crew Updates

  • Urban Crew will start again as of January 3, 2020
  • Looking into keeping Bluetooth option for speakers available daily (may need to pre-pair devices)
    • Callout to interested students/dons to set up before the Holidays
  • Dons could decorate the space? Utilize the assigned floor times
  • Will keep in mind by-laws and be able to update restrictions for Urban by the
  • Holidays (lockdown set to be re-evaluated December 21st)

Residence Council Updates

  • Still setting up the House system
  • Trying to organize events that directly relate to that, trying to increase community
  • Organized a Gift exchange
  • Starting to focus on events for January
  • Wall – weekly prompt
    • Would be potentially interested to collaborate to create a staff/student wall of gratitude for the first week back from Winter Break
  • Another table for different programs of study activities – build upon the house points

Student Updates

  • Frank: None at this time
  • Jack: None at this time
  • Hannah: None at this time
  • Jamie:
    • A lot of students have been moving in/out, a bit hard to know who is in what area. A number of students have moved in this month. A bit harder as no welcome events.
      • Welcome events planned for January
    • Dons have noticed, while putting up posters, a bit overwhelming what initiatives are what?
      • Poster template, key information to share
      • Headers on the bulletin boards?
      • Encourage dons to review and remove old posters
      • Takeaway conversation for larger don team.
    • Food Committee launches when?
      • January launch likely, but still looking into what is possible
    • Residence Survey
      • 150 students completed survey, deadline: December 3rd, draw will be on December 4th
    • Funds for Decorating Common Room
      • TBD
  • Ankhee: None at this time
  • Ksenia:
    • Event planning, dinners with professors – all from engineering, would like to see more events with different faculty professors. Students would extremely appreciate that.