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Stay at Chestnut this summer! Summer residence applications now open.

March 3, 2021 | Meeting minutes

Wednesday, March 3

Present: Andrea, Ankhee, Dave, Eliza, Frank, Hannah, Jamie, Jenna, Klara, Ksenia, Mustafa,
Regrets: Eddie, Jr., Kevin, Maria

Residence Life Updates

  • Wellness Room
    • Expanding the wall paper for a more immersive feeling (Forest image)
    • Wellness Room Sign – credit funding for Faculty of Engineering will be posted by end of day
    • Initial feedback from students has been very positive
  • Dinner with Your Prof for Non-Engineering Students
    • Academic Mentors have put out a survey and have 6 responses of professor suggestions
    • Some students have replied to indicate that they would not be interested
    • Hoping to incorporate the suggestion for next academic year’s programming
  • Summer Student Application is live
    • Students who are living here for the summer would have first consideration for academic year returner offer
  • Returning Students
    • Looking to increase number of double rooms for Fall 2021 – would likely still be on an opt-in basis
    • Will be offered returner rooms earlier than last summer (offers in late summer)
    • Would like returner students to apply now and for CH to be able to offer earlier than later
  • Deposit: $1,000
    • Suggestion to increase the deposit from $1,000 to $2,000
    • When students apply they pay $1,000 deposit but do not necessarily look at the full dollar amount they would pay for the academic year
    • If students ultimately then decide not to come to Chestnut in August, they lose their deposits, and it can be more challenging to fill the room as students on the waiting list may have already found alternate accommodation
  • Purposed Deposit Schedule (if a student cancels)
    • On or before May 31st, 2021: $,2000 refunded
    • June 1, 2021 to August 1, 2021: $1,000 refunded
    • August 2, 2021-August 15, 2021: No Deposit Refund ($2,000)
    • August 16, 2021 to September 4th, 2021: No deposit refund ($2,000) + cancellation fee ($500)
      • Student Feedback: Makes sense
  • Other RLO Updates
    • Just finishing don hiring (completely virtual process)
      • Conducted hiring process with GH team
    • Conducted Wellness Focus Groups
      • Will be rolling out a Wellness Wall on the concourse level (will be interactive)

Administration & Finance

  • Submitted proposed budget to SARG (submitted at end of January) and have since met with SARG (meeting went well)
    • Will also present budget to Business Board at end of April
    • Presented new budget based on possibility of increased occupancy in September
  • Installed cable from lobby to 23rd floor (a couple minutes of drilling – very short and now completed project).
  • Working with elevator company to address malfunctions
    • Student Feedback:
      • Elevator #3: Card Reader does not react, students have to swipe frequently
      • Middle Elevator: Issue with Card Reader
  • Student Feedback:
    • Noise Complaint related to Drilling
    • Hear it on the 12th floor (sounds like it is coming from the higher floors or on the 12th floor)
    • Timothy to follow-up with Building Ops
    • Note: If it is related to construction across the street and they are working outside of hours, students are advised to call 311 who will send a by-law investigator
  • Working with Building Operations and Housekeeping team to confirm what projects are moving forward for 2021-22
    • Will be replacing PTAC units Floors 12-20 (possibly to 27)
    • Will be replacing carpets, draperies, etc. on certain floors

Building Operations

• Not present

Food Services

  • Nutrition Month
    • Every Wednesday for next 5 Wednesdays: Dietician approved themed dinners
    • Eating Your Healthy, incorporating different cultures and a Zoom session discussing the meals
    • Black bean and veggie burger made in house (will be showcased on the grill station as of this Monday)
    • New combo opportunity: Fries and Drink to add or Side Salad and Drink (healthier alternative)
    • Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza
    • Whole grain rise/pasta as well as white available
    • Removing any additional salt
  • Mobile Order App
    • As of March 8th, there will be mobile app specific dishes
    • Additional beverages and items available on app only
    • Student Feedback:
      • Cannot download the app (only available in this region), ex, Phone from Spain cannot download the app – this may be a problem for other international students as well Jenna/Ksenia/Jamie on Food Advisory Committee
  • Pan Station order until 7:30pm (instead of current 7pm)
  • Meal Plan Options
    • Student Feedback:
      • Noticed meal plan pricing has increased for next academic year
      • Have not seen any price adjustments or decreases
  • Students can pick a meal plan tier (based on expected usage) (Plan A and B are less than current meal plan cost, Plan C and D are more fulsome)
    • Suggestion from students that they will want the Light Meal Plan or a Lighter than Light Meal Plan
    • Students may prefer to pay less up front and add as neededStudents may would prefer to pay an administrative fee and have unused funds returned to them
    • Mustafa will pass along this feedback
    • Carry-over administrative fees are being looked into
    • Cost includes the product itself, cost of doing business and cost of labour all go into the cost of food items
      • Food Services is committed to be better at communicating how pricing is set


Renovated a room (Rm 928) as a model show room (should be completed in the next 2-3 weeks). Will then be reaching out to students for feedback.

Urban Crew

  • Chestnut Dines daily – low attendance but an ongoing opportunity for students to get involved
  • Last event: Wellness Focus Group only attended by Urban Crew members
  • From Dave and Eliza: Thank you to Urban Crew! It has been a challenging year and thank you for their flexibility and ongoing commitment to create community at Chestnut.

Residence Council

  • Past week has been fulsome
  • Trying to create end of year Chestnut video and a reflection on lockdown
  • End of year event (possibly virtual)
    • Perhaps GatherTown
  • Jenna is leading a weekly contest via Instagram
  • Fitness Program
  • Ecobag project, trying to provide everyone in Chestnut with a set of utensils (decrease plastic silverware use)
    • Chopsticks
    • Silverware
    • Stickers
    • Chocolates
    • Reusable Tote bags

Student Updates

  • Hannah
    • Summer Hiring only for UofT Summer Students for Summer Dons (internal to current don team)
  • Ksenia, Jenna, Ankhee: Nothing at this time
  • Jamie
    • Are we looking at keeping the common rooms?
      • If we can fully return to normal (double rooms), open up the other common spaces – may look at closing these rooms and transferring back to rooms (no decision made yet
    • Is there a projector coming?
      • Yes, under testing now
    • How will PTAC units work for 12 to 20, possibly to 27?
      • During May the units will be removed and then replaced throughout the summer. As floors are completed they will be returned to inventory (for summer guests and summer students
  • Jack
    • Rumor that recycling is thrown away
    • Eliza followed up with Andrea for clarification:
      • If someone puts garbage in a recycling bin, it becomes contaminated and will be thrown out. Staff do not sort garbage. This is why it is extremely important to always recycle correctly!
      • But when recycling is done correctly, yes, it is certainly recycled!

THANK YOU for everyone’s participation throughout the year!