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December 1, 2022 | Meeting minutes

Tuesday, November 29

Residence Affairs Committee Meeting

Meeting Held on MS Teams from 1:00 – 2:00 PM


Present: Dana, Bailee, Lexi, Renee, Matthew, Mustafa, Tim, Andrea, Kenneth
Regrets:Chef Eddy, Namita, Rubaina, Bhavisa


  • Committee Members
    • Dana Burke, Assistant Dean, Residence Administration (Committee Chair)
    • Bailee Walls-Guertin, Assistant Dean, Residence Life
    • Timothy Duanmu, Manager, Finance, Administration & Operations
    • Andrea Nelson, Rooms Manager
    • Matthew Mifsud, Building Operations Coordinator
    • Eddie Low, Executive Chef, Chestnut Residence & Catering, Food Services – absent
    • Mustafa Nalwala, Manager, Residential Dining Operations
    • Bhavisa Tiwary, Chestnut Residence Council representative -absent
    • Renee Kolentine, Urban Crew Manager
    • Namita Pise, Student Representative -absent
    • Kenneth Sulimro, Student Representative
    • Lexi Davidson, Don
    • Rubaina Farin, Don -absent


  • Reviewed the document together. Changes for this year vs what is published on website:
    • Meetings will be Nov, Jan, Feb and Mar this year.
    • Dean is no longer part of this group due to expanded portfolio, and we have both Chestnut Assistant Deans on the committee who will report back to the Dean.
    • Chestnut Staff members, we have more than 1-2, decided to represent all operational areas: Finance, Food Services/Dining Hall, Maintenance, Housekeeping/Rooms.

Department/AREa Updates

  • Residence Life – Dana & Bailee
    • Fall Survey is live (Dana)
      • Sent to all students yesterday, due Jan 16 (one week after classes start),
    • $150 floor prize for highest floor submission rate, anonymous to fill out, provides feedback on our services, facilities and programing that we use to better our offerings for future
  • Winter Break Planning (Dana, Bailee)
    • Chestnut website details all procedures mentioned below
      • Dec 21 – move out, Jan 7- move in
      • Application to stay over break
        • Deadline for submission is tomorrow, Dec 1. Can still apply after this time but incur $50 late fee; already have 180+ applications this year, expect to receive more right up until the break; instructions for those staying will be sent after Dec 1 (returning fall key/receive winter key)
      • Check out instructions
        • Expected to check out within 48 hours after last exam OR by 12pm Dec 21, whichever soonest; Can request an extension by emailing RLO; report to FD and return fall key to check out. Will be doing checks to ensure students moving out as expected.
      • Move back in instructions
        • Move in time slot to be booked by all students, Jan 7-15, so that we can spread out volume at FD and for elevators. No guests Jan 7-8.
      • Dons/supports over the break
        • Small team of Dons working in the building over break. Responding to situations as they come up. Slightly modified job duties compared to regular duties.
        • Emergency supports available – security 24/7, Dons on duty, Bailee and others providing escalated support if needed
      • Programming
        • Some limited programming will take place
        • Dons will each host one program, 6 programs total from the Don team
  • Don Hiring updates (Bailee)
    • Applications will be live on the Chestnut website as of Dec 9 –
    • application period closes end of Jan.
    • If anyone is interested in being a Don direct them to the Chestnut website.
    • Info sessions will be held during the application period, and support for resume writing, etc., will be held
  • Admin & Finance – Tim
    • We are in the budget season, the forecast for fiscal year 22-23 is done. We are now working on the fiscal year 23-24 budget (note: fiscal year is May 1-Apr 30)
    • Main focus now is to determine how to fund projects and order of priority
      • Maintenance is ongoing, keeping the building in good shape
      • New initiatives to improve the student common spaces, specifically Urban Lounge
  • Food Services – Mustafa
    • Hope all have been enjoying the themed events we have had. More events to look forward to:
      • Wed Nov 30 – monthly birthday cake for all Nov birthdays + steak night (veggie and meat options available)
      • Wed Dec 7 – rib night
      • Sat Dec 10 – holiday themed dinner, Dr Seuss themed (Whoville annual dinner)
      • Tues Dec 13 – breakfast for dinner and exam jam
      • Wed Dec 14 – monthly birthday cake for all Dec birthdays
      • Thurs Dec 17 – hot chocolate and cookies
  • Housekeeping & Rooms – Andrea
    • Heads up, Housekeeping will also close during the break, but there will be some areas still serviced for students who are staying over.
    • Floors 16-17, we are replacing the drapes on these floors currently, should be completed tomorrow. We are replacing drapes on a couple of floors yearly (4 floors done in total now, will continue).
  • Building Operations – Matthew
    • Currently understaffed. We normally have 24/7 operations, but are just operating 8am~7pm daily (note: Central U of T Fac. And Services is on call for urgent matters outside of this time)
    • Over the winter break, we will have at least one shift daily. Exact shift times will be announced shortly.
    • Working on getting the heat on in the building, generally complete. Adding some portable heat to the 27th floor today.
  • Urban Crew – Renee
    • Hired 16 people for the volunteers
    • World Cup matches
    • All events going well and running smoothly.
  • Chestnut Residence Council – Bhavisa
    • Absent
  • Don – Lexi
    • Dons are currently preparing for winter break and make sure students apply to stay before late fee
    • Room checks, programming for winter break
    • Assisting with promoting the fall survey so we get as much feedback as possible
    • Also getting our own team feedback from our supervisors (RLC) to implement changes for next semester.
  • Student Reps – Kenneth *optional
    • Nothing to report

Additional DIscussion ITEMS

  • What common space upgrades are being planned?
    • Urban Lounge is the highest priority – within the next couple of months we want to reupholster the furniture. Andrea/Dana can work on this, funds have been approved for this fiscal (Tim confirmed).
  • Other projects with TBD timelines:
    • 27th floor refresh, 28th floor refresh
    • Floor kitchenette spaces update – include hot water, counter.
    • Note: Kettles have been requested by students for the kitchenette rooms
  • Urban Lounge – plugs not working well everywhere, Matthew to investigate. Chestnut Tree sign outside of the Dining Hall, some letters are missing. Can we either remove or re-attach the letters? Matthew cannot locate the letters that have fallen off.
  • Lexi shared some feedback heard from students:
    • Students like living here, spending time in Urban, good feedback on the Dining Hall cashiers/staff.


  • January, week of the 9th
    • Dana will solicit the student leaders for availability before the winter break, meeting date will be confirmed week of Jan 2
    • Dana to confirm who will present the budget at Jan meeting with Tim’s
  • departure.